“Jane!” Mark said. “Go back up the hill!”

We had been goofing around down at the Shoshoni River’s edge in Rex Hale Campground in Wyoming just outside of Yellowstone. Mark was perched crazily on a big rock, and I was just getting ready to snap his picture when he yelled to me.

Status Update from the Beat-up Cyclist

Here’s a quick update from the beat up cyclist:

  • So far I have done 320 miles and about to leave Florida
  • I have discovered that touring on a bike is far different than my typical 25 mile ride/sprint of past
  • Since I ride 50 to 75 miles per day I have to really pace it. Slow down an stay out of red zone
  • Saddle sores are a constant pain in the backside…do you ever adjust? Lots of hurt here
  • And then camp life takes lots of energy. Jane does incredible job of setting up every day but I still pitch in

Ok, enough whining.
Time to just go kick up some dust!