Gallery Suwannee River Magic

I grew up listening to my mom sing “Way down upon the Suwannee River.”

I never knew what a magical place it was until this week when Mark and I saw it for the first time while camping at Suwannee River Hideaway Campground in Old Town, Florida. The owner put in a 1500-foot river walk through a Cypress swamp down to the river.

Status Update from the Beat-up Cyclist

Here’s a quick update from the beat up cyclist:

  • So far I have done 320 miles and about to leave Florida
  • I have discovered that touring on a bike is far different than my typical 25 mile ride/sprint of past
  • Since I ride 50 to 75 miles per day I have to really pace it. Slow down an stay out of red zone
  • Saddle sores are a constant pain in the backside…do you ever adjust? Lots of hurt here
  • And then camp life takes lots of energy. Jane does incredible job of setting up every day but I still pitch in

Ok, enough whining.
Time to just go kick up some dust!

Revelation: Adventure Isn’t Easy

Today was quite the day. We started out in Sun Palms, Florida, at the Tampa South RV Resort. The staff there is stellar and were amazing at helping this trailer-towing newbie. Will and Brian helped me with everything from hitching and unhitching to giving me all kinds of useful pointers on easier ways to do things. Thank you!

So I set off down the road in good cheer for Palm Harbor and the first thing I hear from the GPS are the dreaded words “Do a U-turn.” There’s no doing a U-turn when you’re towing a camper with only two lanes to U-turn it. That set me into a minor panic because the GPS kept blathering “do a U-turn” every five seconds, while I knew I had to find a street to turn on where I could do a square to get back on the highway headed in the opposite direction. I picked a road, praying it would lead to highway access, and fortunately it did. Both Miss GPS and I calmed down. Progress.

What’s On My Mind 2 Days ’til Blast Off?

 What’s on my mind 2 days ’til blast off … its not really the mileage but other weighty thoughts that have me obsessing …
With a moniker of Ozzie aka Mountain Goat (self-given if that is not embarrassing enough), I hope I shall not fail and fall over on the first or any other long/steep climb. Why do I worry? Good question!

So How Do You Get Ready for a Cross-Country Bike Trip?

That is a great question…

First, like playing poker, you have to be all in. Quit your job.

I know, scary! In all honesty I did quit my job but only after spending approximately two years preparing. Preparing means saving, and to this end we accumulated savings in cash sufficient to cover one year with no income plus another 25 to 35 percent emergency funds for the unplanned events in life like basement floods (yes this did happen and will be title of subsequent blog “Headwinds”).

Role Reversal: When the Kids Become the Parents

The happy couple, Paige and Mike

Two days before Mark and I left on our trip, we were in Michigan for a family wedding. Our niece was married on a sunny but teeth-chattering cold day. We were lucky because both Amber and Jesse were able to attend (although our son-in-law Andrew could not), and we all did the 5-hour drive together.

That’s bonus time, because it almost never happens anymore. We had 10 hours of drive time over the course of that weekend to chat and laugh and chill with our kids.

Ready to Kick Up Some Dust?

Welcome to Kick Up Some Dust!

Mark and Jane

We’re a husband and wife who are ready to kick up some dust by biking across the country. That is, Mark will be doing the biking and Jane will be pulling the trailer and doing a “little” biking on the side and some hiking too.

Along the way we hope to slow down and explore all the side roads and little towns we’ve never had time to do before (that Jane always wanted to do and Mark not so much).

This trip is a bucket-list item for Mark. You see, it kind of runs in the family.