5-19 Eight Days of Cycling

Today I biked from Bennett’s park in Bennet, IA, to Cedar Rapids. Only about 52 miles but definitely getting tired not to mention 2000 ft of climbing.

This area is fabulous due to rolling hills and bike paths connecting local communities from Solon to Cedar Rapids and to tomorrow’s location of Waterloo. True biking community. 

5-18 Mighty Miss

I’m typing this or trying to while laying in my 1-man/person tent. Kinda cramped quarters as I have clothes hanging everywhere in attempt to dry them out. BTW even water proof socks fail when riding for 7 hours in rain. 
But back to the Mighty Miss… Crossed the Mississippi River today from Rock Island to Davenport. Really great experience and gives me the sense of accomplishment and that I’m really out West now.