Ready to Kick Up Some Dust?

Welcome to Kick Up Some Dust!

Mark and Jane

We’re a husband and wife who are ready to kick up some dust by biking across the country. That is, Mark will be doing the biking and Jane will be pulling the trailer and doing a “little” biking on the side and some hiking too.

Along the way we hope to slow down and explore all the side roads and little towns we’ve never had time to do before (that Jane always wanted to do and Mark not so much).

This trip is a bucket-list item for Mark. You see, it kind of runs in the family.

It Runs or Bikes in the Family

Mark’s brother Steve biked from Indiana to San Diego when he was 19 years old. Our son Jesse walked across America from California to Florida in 2011 when he was 19 years old and then biked from Indiana to Denver. Jesse’s trip was a fundraiser to

Jesse with his cousin Ashely who joined him on his walk for a week at Christmas.

raise money for the burn unit at Riley Hospital, where he was briefly a patient.

And Mark will be biking from Florida to Portland when he is 55 years old. Just a few years later than the other two, but better late than never. Actually, it’s the perfect time. We’re empty nesters, so our little kids have grown up. Jesse and our daughter, Amber, are both in their 20s.

Our daughter, Amber, and her hubby, Andrew. Yes, we are going to be grandparents!

We’ve been saving for this trip for years, and Mark is making a career change, so we figured this is our chance to kick up some dust. I will continue to work from the road as a freelance writer and certified aromatherapist.

For the next 30 days I will be chilling, I mean working in Bonita Springs, Florida, while Mark trains. We’ll be posting updates during this time, showing some pics of how we are planning on pulling all this off. Only time will tell if it works out. Our departure date from Florida is scheduled for April 15, 2017, and we can’t wait to get going.

Mark heading out a training ride.

Thanks for being along for the journey. And remember, no matter where you are  …

Kick up some of your own dust!


18 thoughts on “Ready to Kick Up Some Dust?

  1. Carol Jewell

    I’m so excited to kick up some dust with you…well me in my classroom living vicariously through you!

    • JaneV

      That is so cool! We are excited for your students to “take the trip” with us!

    • JaneV

      So excited they are excited! Thanks, Teach!

  2. Carol Jewell

    Not seeing much dust, just dust bunnies! How is the truck/trailer driving lessons going! Wes and I are so excited for you!

    • JaneV

      Ha ha! Well, Carol, I had my first lesson on the road as we have been traveling to Florida. And, hallelujah, it’s gone really well! Now for that backing up part …

  3. Donna Bailey

    So excited for you!! Ron and I are going to “kick up some dust” this summer. We are going to Alaska for 2 weeks. No cruise for us!! We are hopping planes and the ferry system then renting a car. Can’t wait!! Being in our 50’s is THE BEST. Can’t wait to see your trip experiences!!
    SAFE TRAVELS❤️❤️🚴‍♀️🚴

    • JaneV

      I LOVE it, Donna! I know – the 50s are great! I can’t wait to hear some of your details. We’ve never been to Alaska. That’s another bucket list for us. Will you be Facebooking or anything about your trip?

  4. Laura Hulce

    Hurray! Excited to see the country through your eyes! Love you both.

    • JaneV

      Thanks, Laura! We love you too. And I always love your posts about your Holland adventures. Your pics are the best!

  5. Andrea

    Exciting. I have a friend who went solo biking from Florida to Washington…then down to California last spring./summer. He journaled through Instagram, and left with 500$. Amazing bikers along the way…have fun. We will be watching your travels! We are taking our motor home and bikes out west this summer as well. Travel on and Gods speed.

    • JaneV

      Thank you, Andrea! What are your favorite places out west? Have a wonderful trip!

  6. Wil & Janet

    We are excited for you. Looking forward to the time that you spend down here in South West Florida

    • JaneV

      We will have some fun times together for sure!

  7. Matt hartman

    Can’t wait to follow you on this epic journey.

    • JaneV

      Thanks, Matt! We are excited it’s finally here. Mark starts training tomorrow.

  8. Ardeth Wilson

    You two are amazing! Thank you for sharing your story, we’re following your journey as it happens. Best wishes from your new Canadian friends, Ardeth and Denton

    • Jane VanOsdol

      Mark said to tell you we’ve adopted you as our Canadian aunt and uncle! You have inspired us to keep going and not let life slow us down. We are so glad we met you and thanks for following our journey. We hope to see you again along a trail! Do you ever go through Indianapolis, Indiana, on your travels?

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