What’s On My Mind 2 Days ’til Blast Off?

 What’s on my mind 2 days ’til blast off … its not really the mileage but other weighty thoughts that have me obsessing …
With a moniker of Ozzie aka Mountain Goat (self-given if that is not embarrassing enough), I hope I shall not fail and fall over on the first or any other long/steep climb. Why do I worry? Good question!

  1. Good sound advice.Or rather, my tendency to ignore good, sound advice. None other than the esteemed mechanics at Nebo Ridge Bike in Zionsville, Indiana, where I ride with a rec league tried to hide their horror when they learned that I was going to ride a cycle cross bike on this tour. Tim, whom I hold as the ultimate mechanic mainly because he always works on my bike immediately when I drop it off and treats me like I’m a cat racer (I’m not), suggested politely that a cycle cross bike is not properly geared for touring. Maybe I should change that to emphatically stated …Yep, that’s what I’m riding, a cycle cross. I added the largest cassette I can at the rear and even larger chain ring up front. I’m still about 20 percent larger gearing than a traditional touring bike with a triple ring. I’m worried that I’m not 20 percent better than the average touring bike rider on hills. To make matters worse, the first FaceBook post I saw today from my sister-in-law Mary was a meme citing Proverbs: Listen to good advice if you want to live well (Proverbs 15:31). Mountain Goat … or just goat? I will let you know.
  2. Head Winds.This will be the title of a future post, but today I’m posting about the difference between averaging 14 mph or 9 mph. Or another example from my training last week, a 32-mile ride from Bonita Springs to Ft. Myers can take 2 hours and 5 minutes (tailwind) or 3.5 hours (headwind). Mother Nature can be cruel and proably will be. Just not on my first day or second please….
  3. A lot of talk (or posting).Yes, I’m worried about all the work and preperation going to waste. Somehow (I can think of over
    50,000 ways) I fail and don’t finish. To name a few, saddle sores, bike failures, car crashes, swallowing bees (it has happened and don’t laugh, Amber), dogs or even a peacock.(Jane’s note: Mark needs to write a post on all the animals he has had encounters with while riding. Many more than what he listed here.) I did say there are over 50,000 risks …

Some good advice…take it 1 day at a time! Maybe even 1 pedal at a time! Because I plan on …

Kicking up some dust!


8 thoughts on “What’s On My Mind 2 Days ’til Blast Off?

  1. You have an innovative spirit! Use your growth mindset and get going! You are a 21st century pioneer! There is no failing just flailing aka failing and learning. Keep on pedaling on!

    • Jane VanOsdol

      Like that: failing! A good word!

  2. Denny

    May your road be smooth and the wind at your back.

    • Jane VanOsdol

      There is always that hope, Denny! I do believe people are questioning why Mark is riding across the country this way against the prevailing winds … : )

  3. Steve

    1000’s of ways to fail- for sure but you’ll find the narrow passage of success. Mostly just determination. And I think you have that.

    • Jane VanOsdol

      I think he does, too, Steve!

  4. Whitt

    Really? You use “meme” and “Proverbs” in the same sentence? Then finish the thought by labeling yourself the G.O.A.T.? This is starting out all wrong! (wrongly?)

    I have high hopes that you will succeed and have a plethora of tales to spin when you return (safely). In the meanwhile, here is something for you to review mentally, whilst whiling away the miles on that skinny bike seat:

    (sung to the chorus of that Steely Dan tune “Reeling in the Years”):

    “Are you reeling in the miles?;
    “Gathering up the pain?;
    “Are you doing it all in Style;
    “Do you know you’re quite insane?”

    Happy Travels!

  5. Jane VanOsdol

    Haha! Love the lyrics. How apropos! Five days on the road and we already have a tale or two to spin. : )

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