Update from the Beat-up Cyclist

Here’s a quick update from the beat up cyclist:

  • So far I have done 320 miles and about to leave Florida
  • I have discovered that touring on a bike is far different than my typical 25 mile ride/sprint of past
  • Since I ride 50 to 75 miles per day I have to really pace it. Slow down an stay out of red zone
  • Saddle sores are a constant pain in the backside…do you ever adjust? Lots of hurt here
  • And then camp life takes lots of energy. Jane does incredible job of setting up every day but I still pitch in

Ok, enough whining.
Time to just go kick up some dust!

2 thoughts on “Update from the Beat-up Cyclist

  1. Jesse vanosdol

    Stay strong! Enjoy the pain! You’ll have time to relax when your back working your boring 9-5! Keep having a blast!

  2. Whitt

    Song from the 70s… “Take it easy!, take it easy!. Don’t let the sound from your own wheels drive you crazy.”.

    Just constantly tell yourself ” I’m too old for this”. It will help you slow down.

    You could go buy a big fat padded, spring supported saddle! Or put some weight back on your bony behind.

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