So Where Have We Been Lately?

Mark and I have been off the grid, so we wanted to let you know what’s been going on.

By July 4 we were poised just outside of Yellowstone National Park in Thermopolis,Wyoming. Our Internet connection was spotty at best as we camped there for two days enjoying the Hot Springs State Park. It is AWESOME (and free), so if you’re ever there you must go to the mineral springs. The temperature is 104 degrees year round. Mark just soaked it up after all the riding he has done (just short of 3,000 miles so far).

From there we spent a night in Cody, Wyoming, again almost no Internet. July 6-11 we were in Yellowstone at the Bridge Bay Campground. To say it was incredible doesn’t do it justice. We are working on a post that details our stay in the park. Yellowstone is totally off the grid, so for about two weeks we couldn’t post to social media or our blog. Frustrating but worth it.

Family Time

Next we spent three 10-hour days driving back to Indiana to take a break and wait for our first grandchild to be born. Our daughter is due August 1. Right now we are in waiting mode and trying not to bug her every day.

Sadly, right after we arrived home, my (Jane’s) mother died. It was a blessing that we got there in time. I had 24 hours to spend with her and all my siblings and dad together. But this last week has been incredibly difficult for us. Life is like that, isn’t it? The juxtaposition of new life and death all jumbled together. My dad was so hoping that my mom would make it to see their first great-grandbaby. But we tell him that Mom was the first to see him — they’ve passed each other in transit– and somehow I know my mom has had a peek at him before any of the rest of us have….

I’ll leave this post with a picture of my parents. That’s where my heart is today. 💞



4 thoughts on “So Where Have We Been Lately?

  1. Laura

    Love you, Jane.

  2. Jane VanOsdol

    Love you too!

  3. Mark Van Osdol

    I like your blog kick up some dust. Ironically we both share the same name Mark Van Osdol. We are probably distant relatives, you had mentioned your family in Indiana. Both my father and grandfather were from Indiana. It’s a small world! I wish you safe travels. Thanks, Mark Van Osdol

    • Jane VanOsdol

      This is so funny! I think I may have emailed you once before. Thank you for reading our blog. Yes, I bet our families are related somewhere along the line. What are your dad and grandfather’s names? My Mark’s father is Wilmas and his grandfather is Ralph.

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