Yellowstone Adventures, Part 1

Sorry, it has taken so long to post about Yellowstone. It’s just overwhelming trying to pare down what to share because there is SO much beauty. I’ll start with a recap of our phase 2 trip which was from June 6 to July 11, 2017.

In all honesty, phase 2 (Indiana to Wyoming) was a challenging phase for us. And here’s why:

  • The weather was incredibly hot.
  • Kansas and Nebraska were not only hot but like a wind tunnel with very few trees for shade for Mark as he was riding.
  • We both were fighting some health issues.
  • Mountains.

With that said, we finished that phase with a bang in Yellowstone National Park. It was the first time to the park for both of us, and we were overwhelmed by its beauty. My pictures won’t nearly do it justice, but I hope they give you an idea of its majesty.

This was our view in early July a few miles in from the east entrance across the lake. Breathtaking.


We love hiking and I happened to get a good picture of Mark coming down the trail.

The thermals are spectacular. The most well-known is Old Faithful:

This is Sulphur Cauldron. The water is boiling hot.

Amazing upper and lower waterfalls:


Here I happened to catch a rainbow after a brief rain shower.

The “Grand Canyon area of Yellowstone” is stunning.

Our campsite at Bridge Bay during phase 2. The camper is across from the hammock. We loved this campsite. It was in the last section of Bridge Bay in section H and was very wooded.

When the wildlife takes to the road, we wait on them.

And when they come into camp, as they often do, you give them lots of leeway! The first time I saw this it scared me to death. Yellowstone has very specific rules on how much distance you are to maintain between yourself and animals, yet I see people violate this all the time trying to get photos. The buffalo often act very docile, yet they can become instantly angry and charge. Mark and I witnessed this in a crowded parking lot. A buffalo wanted to get through and became upset at all the people and cars. It started charging through the lot at about 25 mph with all of us scattering in its wake.

In this picture the buffalo came into camp for the best grazing for his afternoon meal.

Look at the expression on this man’s face. This buffalo came right through our camp in Bridge Bay. He walked directly in front of the front door of the RV about three campsites away from us and then meandered over by the tents. This is why I would never want to tent camp in Yellowstone. I have seen buffalo lie down and sleep touching a tent.

I’ll share a few more pictures of Yellowstone in another post.

Kick up some dust!






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