Forest Fires

Smoke from forest fires

With many apologies, I just realized that we never posted this video on our website. We recorded it on our Facebook page, but I realize that not all of you have Facebook and somehow in the chaos of the trip home, we never posted this!

We fell just short of our goal of Portland, Oregon, because we were surrounded by forest fires! Here’s the video that we made minutes after we realized we were blocked by fires.

As you can probably tell, we were so disappointed not to make it to Portland. I’ve always wanted to see it, and my niece lives there, too. But we feel incredible about how much we were able to accomplish. And we have a goal to go back and finish that portion of the trip from Bend, Oregon, to Portland. We’ll be sure to share it here when we do.

What we didn’t know when we made that video, is that we were in for another experience in just a few short days, from Hurricane Irma. Mark’s parents and brother live in southwest Florida, and we have a small condo there. Bonita Springs was hit hard by the hurricane. Some of the condos in our neighborhood were totaled, but ours was not damaged. Mark’s parents and brother fled the storm. Both of their homes survived with minor damage.

Mark and I can’t thank you enough for following our journey and for meeting us along the way. We think this is not good-bye. We hope to post more adventures in future travels.

So until then, kick up some of your own dust too!


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