Off on Ozzie’s Odyssey 5/12

Wednesday, May 13, 2020 6:37 PM
Amid the craziness of C19, I launched my bike ride to Glacier. Yes, I had many reservations and fears. Could I find campsites when needed, food and supplies?

Indiana has just started to open up, but campgrounds remain closed until 5/24. Illinois remains closed thru May. My new route allows me to avoid the two worst states of MI and W,I which are closed.

If I can get across IL, then diagonal thru IA to SD, follow the Missouri River north to Bismarck ND, I will be back on route. After IL, the rest of the states remain open. I can resume booking at camp sites in IA, if I can get there!

New Route?

Wild Camping?

I never planned to wild camp until I got to Canada in the Yukon and north. Really not prepared to wild it but forced to go for it. If there is any chance of getting to AK, I must leave in mid May.

Just to show the challenges, my trial pack and loading of the bike the day before leaving caused me to realize I have more crap than pannier space. One of the biggest culprits was an older inflatable pillow that was bigger than a football. In a panic, I tried to find replacement. Walmart didn’t have any, REI was still closed. Luckily, Amber suggested I try Dicks Sporting Goods. They had just reopened and had a Seatosummit pillow that was about 1/3 the size. Yea!

I really still have too much gear weighing in at approx 45 lbs. Once I determine what is not of the highest priority, I will be shipping some stuff home.

Day 1

Day 1 from Indy to Delphi In. 65 miles. Started around 9:30 after hearty farewell and prayers from Amber, Andrew, and Caden including big hugs to my beautiful wife who I already miss.

We will miss you!

I rode the Monon rail trail NW to Sheridan (about 10 miles). Man do I know that trail well….trained on it the last 6 weeks. I started slow and warmed up carefully. Then headed to Kirklin where I stoppped downtown for lunch which consisted of chicken salad on crackers and almond butter and jelly on tortilla shell.

Then it got rough…had to ride right into West headwind. Really struggled to get to destination of Delphi In. Once in Delphi I stopped at small convenience mart to score water as I was empty.

Next task – find campsite. I rode down Delphi’s heritage trail that follows the Erie Canal and Wabash River. I noticed a large hill with woods where I could hide. After climbing steep hill, and it was a killer, I found a nice cemetery where the woods sits behind it and against trail. Found great camp site for the night. It was very cold getting down to 40 degrees.
Tough night to sleep as everything was new so tossed and turned. Also train located nearby would roar by every hour as well.
Sleep issues were to be expected so all in all, not bad!

6 thoughts on “Off on Ozzie’s Odyssey 5/12

  1. Steve

    Awesome adventure. Sometimes I wish I was with you

    • Jane VanOsdol

      Just sometimes? Maybe not last week with all the rain Mark had to ride had to ride through!

  2. carol allen

    I guess there is no such thing as easing yourself into this adventure! I’m looking forward to reading about your trip. Prayers to you. We will take care of Beanie!

    • Thanks, Carol! You can come help with the 🐓🐓and 🐝 🐝 too!

  3. Donna Bailey

    Thank you for sharing. I will enjoy watching the trip. Safe travels 🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️

    • Jane VanOsdol

      Donna, Thanks for reading. Let us know what bike adventures you have planned this year!

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