Delhi to Beaver City, IN 5/13

Ok, I never heard of Beaver city either. I ended up here after getting a salad and some precooked sausages in Rennsealer IN. I rode by St. Joe college, which was very closed. I was so tired and hoped to find a place near Rensselaer but only found a large planted field stretching for miles. Very few wooded areas at the edge of the prairie.

Incredible wind from south. At times this pushed me, so easier riding, but going west it became a troublesome tyrant.

Old Monon Railway

I had lunch in Monon, which is the start to the old Monon Railway and the namesake of the Monon Trail I used yesterday. By the show caboose across from the fire station, I found a receptacle and got my phone charged back to 75% from 20%. Keeping my electronics charged is my biggest problem!

Where To Crash for the Night?

Rode over 60 miles and was getting very tired but couldn’t find a reasonable campsite. Plowed field stretched for miles with little or no wooded areas. I was getting pretty worried – where to crash for the night?

Prayers answered! I rode by an abandoned home. Upon review, I found a wooded area, and it was just deep enough to hide my tent in some cedar trees. Dinner of salad and smoked sausage before exploring area.

Home away from home!

Behind my tent and the trees, I was treated to an incredible view where you could see for miles. Deer roamed by, wild turkeys, and orange orioles. Found a bald eagle eating a raccoon (if you know my history with coons then you will know how happy this made me).

Also found an old hand pump behind the cabin. After lots of effort, the water reached the top and eventually poured clear. Fill ‘er up for water bottles!

At 5 am I woke up to a thunderstorm that soaked the area for the next 90 minutes. Had to pack up wet tent and gear, but this was the precursor for Thursday’s adventures coming up in just a few hours — and the next post!

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