5-14 Thursday Wind and Beaverville storm

The wind was tough and fierce straight out of the southwest while I plodded westward. With the weight I carried and the wind, I could barely average 10 mph. It was about to get worse.

First I have to mention that I biked thru Willow Slough. What a great treat…deep forest, wild life, and no cars or people. Cool. As soon as I crossed into Illinois, black clouds stacked up. Wind intensified. I stopped and quickly got on rain gear and put phone away. Lightening started and the air felt charged. Rain was blowing sideways, and I felt vulnerable.

Willow Slough, Illinois

I noticed a grain elevator about one mile south (wrong direction) and these are generally located near small towns. I found the Beaverville Hardware store with an awning I could hide under where I took the pic below.

During my wait, I saw a post office across the parking lot. I used this opportunity to mail home some weight – extra pants, selfie stick, and other clothes. I’m considering sending my stove home but still thinking about it.(Editor note from Jane: I think this is a BAD idea!)

I left Beaverville and headed north. About five miles in the second storm hit with lots of lightning and then pea-size hail. Sideways rain driven by wind.

I biked 41 miles total to a Quality Inn in Bradley, IL. See hotel pic below…wet clothes everywhere. Chance to get a pizza and some clean laundry.

Not the greatest mileage but a really tough day with sooo much wind. Slow speed with strong crosswinds took constant work to move forward.

Today was about persevering, I guess. Certainly lots of adventure!

BTW – ate pizza at hotel then got sick.

One thought on “5-14 Thursday Wind and Beaverville storm

  1. Jeannine White

    thanks for the update (I am a friend and co-worker of Laura Hulce). As an avid biker, I enjoy your adventure blogs. My husband and I have done RAGBRAI over 10 times; and a few years ago we rode through part of Kansas with our friends who were riding across the USA. He would love to self-support but I’m all about the sag wagon. Hope you learn to enjoy pizza again, but it may be awhile!!
    Jeannine White

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