5/16 Saturday ’bout Time

About time that the wind was out of the east. Bout time the land changed from plowed monoacreage fields to hills, caves, and Starved Rock. 

Bout time I found N Utica and a blocked downtown with vendors so I could score a microbrew. Bout time to use low gears for hill climbing instead of 30 mph headwinds. And how about the perfect weather….75!  

Rode thru N Utica and found their toll path. 5 miles of lime trail and so peaceful. 

Back on the road with little traffic and big wind push. Long climbs that melted the legs but weirdly felt good. 

Started morning in Bradly, IL, enshrouded with fog. Took about 1 hour to bag stuff and then 30 minutes to push bike out of Marila park from my wild camp spot. Went to Kroger and charged my phone and bought breakfast. This turned out to be hard for me as Kroger only had muffins in 4 packs, donuts in 6 packs and no bagels. The Starbucks café didn’t have oatmeal. Settled on cream cheese with bagel slices, single fruit serving, and granola.  

Tonight’s camp site is awesome. Parked on far side of Hennepin tow path about 5 miles from Buruea Junction. So far have seen a beaver, blue bird, yellow bird (That’s it scientific name) and 3 snakes (hit a 3 footer with bike by accident…looked like a rope). Everyone knows I hate to hit things with da bike. 

No phone signal. Storm clouds amassing. Rain all day tomorrow until 3. 

Maybe 2 more nights in IL before hitting Iowa.  

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  1. Steve

    Keep chugging away. Pedal Mark, pedal!

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