5-17 Mud Wins

It rained all night, constantly, where I had my tent set up on the Hennepin towpath between Illinois River and the canal. I dreamed all night that the waters would rise, and I would be washed to the Mississippi River and eventually found in the New Orleans Delta. 

Towpath is incredible….wild life everywhere. Saw bald eagle, blue birds, beaver, and even a wild pheasant. But the trail is actually dirt in this area. When I departed this morning I found the trail to be mud. My 32-mm tires would sink and the bike would come to a quick stop and topple over with 40 pounds of gear. I found I was going 3mph and working hard.  

Eventually found a road and left the trail. Rode to Geneseo, IL, and stayed at (worst) not so Best Western. There was only one other person there and clerk could not get me signed in for 30 minutes. About passed out waiting on him. 

Went across parking lot to Culver’s but only the drive through was open. Finally got an employee’s attention, and they came out and took my order…didn’t want to bike through drive through. 

Spent night drying out stuff. Mud everywhere. Packed tent wet. Rained every moment of day.  

I keep thinking of a book I once read callled Grit. I’m going to need some. 

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