5-18 Mighty Miss

I’m typing this or trying to while laying in my 1-man/person tent. Kinda cramped quarters as I have clothes hanging everywhere in attempt to dry them out. BTW even water proof socks fail when riding for 7 hours in rain. 
But back to the Mighty Miss… Crossed the Mississippi River today from Rock Island to Davenport. Really great experience and gives me the sense of accomplishment and that I’m really out West now.

Butterbean Trail

 Rode the Butterbean trail on the IL side, (may have name wrong) which is bike trail that makes it easy to go from Hennepin Canal towpath to a pedestrian bridge. I thought going over the bridge would be hard and dangerous and I would be in traffic. It was easy and safe. They even make you walk your bike across the metal gratings where you can look down and get dizzy at the water.

I only have two pics of experience as it poured rain and I could not get my phone to accept fingerprint or access code due to moisture. Nothing was dry. (Jane’s Note: Mark’s pictures are on his good camera; we will add to this blog when he finds internet connectivity to get them off.)

Davenport, Iowa

In Davenport I found sub shop Hungry Hobo open and a table I could sit at that was warm and a receptacle near to charge phone. This was a big relief as I was cold and wet and needed calories.  

Rode NW thru Maysville and continued on to New Liberty. Stopped at a place recommended by a fireman in previous burg called Bennett Conservation where you can camp. Paid $10 in a metal tube and set up tent. That is when a local camper told me no tents allowed due to C19 and water shutoff. 

I was too tired to care. Too cold. I just stayed anyways. What else can you do?  

Near Maysville, Iowa

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  1. Jason VanOsdol

    Hungry Hobo is some pretty good eating, I’m sure that tasted great after a long ride.

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