5-19 Eight Days of Cycling

Today I biked from Bennett’s park in Bennet, IA, to Cedar Rapids. Only about 52 miles but definitely getting tired not to mention 2000 ft of climbing.

This area is fabulous due to rolling hills and bike paths connecting local communities from Solon to Cedar Rapids and to tomorrow’s location of Waterloo. True biking community. 

Things I’ve Learned – So Far

So I thought I would summarize some things I have learned in my first week on the road in no particular order: 

  • Waterproof anything isn’t  
  • Weather tomorrow will be better… it isn’t 
  • Hanging wet things in top of tent are still just wet things in the morning 
  • Wading flooded roads may not be smart but saves lots of time 
  • There is only 1 wild pheasant left in Illinois 
  • Illinois is a monocropolis until Starved Rock 
  • Illinois always tortures me on each crossing 
  • Sub sandwiches rock 
  • Wet clothes start to smell within 1 day 
  • Gravel roads are the most desolate and beautiful but also the hardest  
  • Always go west to east for these type of trips (Jane’s note: He always goes east to west!)
  • Maybe I like pain 
  • I’m sure I will learn more soon! 
Mark in action!

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