5-23, Sat 7 miles, yep 7

I decided to rest today at Beeds Park. It rained most of night and really let loose this morning with thunder to accompany. I laid in my spacious tent nested in my Nemo bag waiting for it to quit.  

When it slowed to a drizzle I put on rain gear and made oatmeal breakfast. When it came time to heat water for some instant Folgers coffee, my lighter wouldn’t work. I have a pack of waterproof matches for just this occasion but learned they are like waterproof socks. Good for only so long – then wet and worthless.  

When it comes to coffee I will persevere and after getting blisters on my trigger finger from 100 attempts, I got a flame and fired up the stove. 

Biked into Town

You can now guess what I biked 3 miles to town to get – lighter? No – cold beer. 

Also got a frozen Snickers bar and was in a sugar-induced dizzy high. 

Charged my phone and stuff at Family Dollar while snickering it. So incredibly good. 

Sun came out around 3 p.m., and it’s currently a nice sunny evening. As good for the spirits as a snickers bar. 

Plan to leave early tomorrow and get headed NW maybe to Humboldt or if wind is favorable to Algona. Algona is the town Bro Steve biked to next after Beeds. Can my 58-year-ol body keep pace w/ a 20-year-old Steve … doubt it! 

The Wifey

Must say that I’m missing Jane big time. I knew loneliness was goin* to be a big issue, and I would have to deal with it. Jane Facedtimed me for awhile today showing the chickens including one named Kaw Kaw by grandson Caden.

Kaw Kaw endured a dramatic accident that broke its poor right chicken leg due to my screw-up. When moving their (Jane has 4 chickens) coop by pulling it with a tractor, I failed to notice KK had left the roost, and I ran her over. I have terrible guilt over injuring said bird. But still do not hesitate to order chicken wings if a chance presents itself. It’s the type of shame I can live with. 

Ok -onward tomorrow. 

KK is healed up! She’s the pure black one, second from the left.

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