5-26 Humboldt to Ft Dodge back to Humboldt and on to Bradgate

When I woke up I watched the news – storms really flare up around noon. So decide to head to Walkers Bike Shop ASAP. I left at 8-30 and was stoked to get there. Rode down 169 at fast pace and arrived by 10:15. I need to mention there were several killer hills as well. 


Chris Walker had started his shop 1 year ago in May. His parents had originally had a bike shop but had closed it several years ago. I immediately liked Chris as he got right after my bike and started working on it. He has a busy shop. No less than 10 people came in pushing tacoed wheeled bikes, bent frames, flat tires, etc… 

Chris patiently took care of each customer. He also had to tell several people that he had sold his entire inventory and expected more bikes in late June. Virus has been good for sales per Chris. 

We decided to put on a new wheel. This ends my dynamo power but new wheel looks nice! He offered to ship old wheel home as well. 

I noticed an immediate difference. My old wheel must have been failing for some time as this one felt smooth and efficient. I hope this will help add to my daily mileage. 


Rode north back thru Humboldt on the 3 River Trail. I have a great video of my first ever rattle snake encounter on this trail. Scary snake for sure. I think this makes at least 10 snake sightings so far. 

In Humboldt the storm alarms went off. I kept going as the sun was out at the time. By the time I got to Bradgate, I was surrounded by black clouds and pouring rain. I stopped at the train depot. Then the tornado siren went off…must have been mounted on top of depot as it was deafening. Surely more painful than a direct tornado strike. 

Decided to spend night at depot. This town is desolate and don’t expect anyone to bother me here. 

Turns out this was good decision as there was lots of rain that evening. And a rat the size of a cat. 

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