5-27 Pretty Boring+ 1 Big Mistake

Left Bradgate in a sleeting rain on the 3 River Trail. Darn trail was quicksand but provided a path NW to a paved road and ended in Rolfe, IA, in 6 miles. In Rolfe I found a post office and stopped in to mail my hiking chair that broke last night. I must be hard on stuff ’cause I’m having lots of equipment failures. 

Ladies working at post office kept insisting I enter a return address to mailer. I told them I’m biking so the mailing address is the return address. They were stunned and didn’t  believe I had come from Indy.  

Once mailed, I hit Broad Street headed to 15. About 4 miles out of Rolfe, I realize I left my helmet on ledge by post office. I really considered saying bye and leaving it. I don’t wear it unless I’m in heavy traffic anyways.  But it is a 100-buck helmet. My cheap nature prevails, and I rode back for it. 

Gravel Hell

Today’s struggle was largely around avoiding the horrible gravel or worse mud roads. Google and Garmin ladies each have a voice but often will agree to send me to gravel hell for miles at a time. Do they communicate and agree to torture me? 

This area is high prairie with long climbs. Not very steep, but it can take 30 minutes to crest the hill. And will it ever quit raining? 

One good route was M54 north but I ran into a road closed sign. I could see like 3 miles down a new paved road though not open. Made a poor decision to go around barricade. All was great for several miles until I ran into the work crew pouring concrete. Not to be deterred, I pushed my bike into ditch beside road to go around workers. The grass was wet and sometimes I had to push the bike thru standing water and tall weeds. Biggest issue was I had to push bike thru the rough for over 1 mile. Yep – screwed up but survived. 

Once in Spencer, IA, I went to campground and found it under water on river edge. 

Next camp options was 20miles away….too far for today. Ended up in $60 per night Days Inn. 

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