5-29 SD Is OK With Me!

Big day…rode out of Rock Valley Iowa in 50 degree sunshine and started a 30 minute climb into the wind. The reward on the other side was a thrilling 35 mph downhill into a new state – South Dakota! 

As I entered SD there was a long lush valley. Bluffs were formed on either side and looked more like the hill country of Kentucky or Tennessee maybe. Quite the contrast to Iowa farms. 

Rode into Canton, SD, to load up on drinks and muffins and was entertained by the gas station that really had a little of everything inside but also a casino. Turns out this town has a casino on every corner. 

Next leg of journey took me about  50 miles into Sioux Falls. This city has it going on. Found bike trails while still 10 miles from downtown. Rode trail into city and found my first Starbucks in 700 miles. Tall Pike w cream! 

The greatest surprise was the cool downtown. The falls are located along the bike trail and had a dozen waterfalls. Just beautiful area. I could live here for sure! 

Continued to ride trails to NE corner of town and set up camp at the KOA campground. Little more expensive but offered hot showers (it’s been a few days) and chance to do laundry. 

Within the next few days I will need to make a decision on my route. The fastest way to Glacier takes a route that would be north of cool areas like the badlands and Mount Rushmore. To see these sights I need to stay on a more southerly route. Not sure right now. Opinion? Pls let me know. 

Shorter blog ’cause it was a perfect day. Apparently I prefer to complain as this day provided little fodder. 

Welcome to
Sioux Falls

2 thoughts on “5-29 SD Is OK With Me!

  1. John Gervais

    My 2 cents… you’re there to enjoy, so take the scenic route. Badlands is awesome. Mount Rushmore nice. And don’t miss Devil’s Tower in NE Wy.

  2. Gary r

    I would map out a route that is important to me. If it causes me to be late to GNP i would call my support person to come and pick me up via a rental vehicle. However, if the Road to the Sun is open you must find a way to enjoy it via bicycle. You will have no regrets for riding it. The badlands in North Dakota are awesome near Roosevelt National Park. Mount Rushmore is impressive and the road to get to it is a killer. You have a difficult decision. Of course, what ever you choose to do will be an awesome experience. Good luck!

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