5-30 Flying to Mitchel

Nearly a perfect day. Mid 60’s, little to no wind, slightly overcast with frequent sun sightings and easy road with wide shoulder and paved. Went 72 miles at close to 15 mph average. I expected today to be long and hard, and due to the wind cooperation – or should I say lack of wind – riding was much easier. 

In Mitchel I found a small RV park with facilities opened for tent campers behind the Days Inn and just 1/2 mile from I90. 15 bucks and the tent sites all have electric and water plus shower and even hot water. 

Oops …

I should say most have water as I created a flood catastrophe upon arrival. At check in for camp, the lady told me there wasn’t water at tent sites, but when I biked back of hotel I found each did have a faucet. I selected a good site and then proceeded to turn on water to test it. The water handle broke off upon the first twist and immediately I was doused and drenched from water spray. 

Upon retreat, I called the front desk wanting to alert them that water was spraying 10 ft in the air and several camp sites already were showing signs of flooding.  

The lady asked if I could hold….I told her that there was an issue that needed immediate attention and she responded with “I’m sure there is, pls hold”. So hold I did. The water not so much. She took her time getting back to me and argued that the Leak must be in another park and I had called wrong place.  

I suggested she look out back decide for herself. Finally she responds with a hasty goodbye as she sees the problem! A repair eventually showed up, shutoff whole camp’s water and fixed pipe.  

This Reminds Me of the Time …

This reminds of a time when I was in Los Angeles on a business trip and went to a fancy department store’s bathroom. When flushing the urinal the pipe broke (maybe I have unreasonable hand strength) and water began filling the bathroom floor and running into the showroom. I hustled to the front desk to alert them and as I got close, the young lady at the desk quickly picked up a phone and began a conversation. I tried to interrupt and stress emergency but she held up 1 finger in my face as in you just wait! 

So I did. And she talked and I could see water advancing down the hallway. Finally she lowers phone and asks me in a huffy voice, what is so important? 

I only had to use 1 finger to point down and walked out of store. I could here her over intercom begging maintenance to pls hurry to floor 3. Serious flood happened that day. 

Constant Companion

Ok, back to biking issues. First I want to thank my constant biking escort that has followed me almost every inch of my ride. Usually the escort sits just behind me any where from 3 ft to 10 feet and keeps up a never ending chat or chirp. Yes chirp, as red wing blackbirds are ever present. I must bike by their nest and they take after me usually in a pair. They will follow for quarter to half mile and then drop off as I have irritated the next pair by that time. They chirp and chastised but never attack. Cause we’re good friends. 

I have infinite dog encounters. I don’t want to make light of these canine encounters as a good friend wasn’t recently attacked and bit and suffering. I have discovered multiple ways to handle these situations. First yelling commands with authority that they are used to like sit, porch, go get your ball will work 50 percent of time. Next step if they continue is to just slow down as lots of dogs, especially sheep dogs and border collies are only having fun when you are running. Stop and fun is over. Next step is to escalate….I charge them. This is not what they expect and they will often look sheepish and give the look like I wasn’t barking at you, just sounded and looked that way.  

You can escalate it 1 step further by reaching down and picking up a rock. Almost every dog knows instinctively or from receiving cold stone justice what the rock is for! 

There is the 1 percenters that I have no answer for…they are attackers and you may have to do battle.  

I did have 2 St Bernards chase me the other day. My reasoning at the time was big dogs will tire fast so ride fast and make them hurt fast. I made a big mistake. It worked for one as he gave up chase quickly. I even taunted him a little with my fave line “back to the porch where you belong”!  

But the second one, he/she kept pursuing. I went 1/2 mile and turned. The dang dog took the diagonal across the corn field and cut the distance. I sped up and relaxed as dog faded but soon realized this dog had no quit. Still on back tire. 

I led this poor dog for close to 3 miles from its home. Eventually it did fade but I still wonder if it ever found it’s way back home. 

Getting late so time to chill and recover for tomorrow’s ride. South Dakota is one big state that is going to take some time to cross unless I’m being chased by a 1 percenter! 

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  1. Loved your descriptive and humorous writing, almost like I was there with you. KEEP riding Ozzie the bandit!

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