5-31 Mitchel to Huron and a few set backs

The day started off awesome as I headed out of Mitchel and went to the Corn Palace. The only corn palace that I’m aware of… 

Corn Palace is a large 3 story building in downtown that has been covered with murals depicting Indiana’s and other scenes built from corn cobs. Each corn cob has a different color so they can create the scene. This is definitely a tourist spot but I found it kinda cool. Brought back memories of my Gramp’s farm in Portland, IN, where as boys my brothers and I would have epic corn cob fights. We would build forts of square straw or hay bales and launch attacks. Of course we would build corn manure bombs by dipping the cob in some cow piles and then throwing it with a spin. A corn palace is a waste of good amo for sure! 

Corn Palace


I also had a great tailwind as well. Wind hard out of south pushing me north. I originally thought I would use this to sail to a 80 or 90 mile day, but then stomach cramps happened and plans trashed. 

Struggled into Huron feeling bad and needing a place to camp. Turns out Huron is South Dakota state fair ground. I could see hundreds of camping sites all around the fair campus. But they were all closed due to Covid.  

I stopped to talk to a great guy who volunteeers to water plants that his girlfriend plants. Scott was extremely kind and offered me dinner and room at house on the river.  

This sounded heavenly except I didn’t feel well all day. I could not accept knowing I was under the weather. I don’t think I have the “Covid” but didn’t know either. I should of told Scott this but instead told him I planned to take advantage of tail wind to get some more miles. Thanks Scott for offer and generosity. Now you know my reason for relunctance. 

As I rode out of town, I noticed a large lake with a bluff above it. I decided I found home for the night. It was about 1/2 mile from a gas station where I got a gatorade and started to feel better. Maybe just dehydrated in the 90 degree heat? Hard to adjust as week prior it was 50 and raining. 

Feeling sick and missing a home-cooked dinner w shower was first setback. Second setback came when I started to set up my tent at dusk. Dusk doesn’t happen until about 9:30 up here, and I always wait when fugitive camping so as to not be detected. I did enjoy a great evening walking around lake area for sure. 

Where Are They?!

Upon setting up the tent I found I was missing a set of poles that go across the top of the tent and give the tent some width. 

I looked everywhere around the bike and tent for these poles. I was in tall grass, so I crawled and felt around. I checked and double checked all bags. No sign, uggg. 

It was soon dark and I crawled into a tent with no rigidity. I could not sit up in it. The slightest breeze caused it to flap around. 

I’m a bit of an insomniac at the best of times. Sleep does not come easy. When I worked at Cognex, I often would worry about something all night and just not sleep. I always could function the next day but man those are long nights. 

As I worried about the poles….did I leave them at last camp site, could Big Agnes overnight me a new set, could I make something that would work, etc…I didn’t get much sleep. Maybe 2 hours. Tossed, worried, and turned. 

Next morning I just said a little prayer asking for help resolving this issue. I started to tear down my tent, and as I did, I discovered the missing poles laying under the ground cloth. I literally slept, er, tossed over them all night! 

Good grief 

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  1. Laura

    Glad you found your tent poles!

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