6-1 Huron to Redfield

Tailwind was gone but only a light head wind, so no big deal. I started day back at same gas station as yesterday to charge my phone. Then I headed out feeling pretty good about the day as I had my tent poles, and stomach was good to go as well. 

Eleven miles north of Huron while descending a nice hill where the road bridges 2 majestic blue lakes covered with ducks and geese, I noticed the bike handling odd. 

Bike Feels Funny …

Something was wrong so I threw on the brakes and got off the road. 

There was no shoulder so I pushed bike back up the hill to area where I could investigate. 

Yep – flat front tire. Dang. Second flat of trip so far. Had to unload bike and get old tube put. It was damaged where the vaLve attaches to the tube so no repair. 

Installed new tube while drenched in sweat with close to 90 degrees at 9 am. No shade either on the big prairie. 


Once on the road and making good progress I came to a detour on 37. The flag man would not let me proceed as he felt my tires might melt on new pavement they have just laid. He called for help, and Garth pulled up in a red truck. 

With Garth’s help, we loaded my bike and bags in the back of pickup and Garth drove around the construction.  

The truck was air conditioned and first ride in 3 weeks. It was incredible. I didn’t want it to end! 

Thanks, Garth!

Turns out Garth is 74 but competes nationally on a softball team that made the finals and has an invite to the over 70 league in Utah next month. He is a second baseman and can still throw you out at home plate. Just loved the spunk and youth vibe Garth gave out. Go Garth! 

Garth reminds me of one of our biking crew…Jim. Jim is also 74 I think…forgive me if I have this wrong. Jim is a strong bike rider and will pull off sit in the pack, but he won’t be left behind! 

There is important lessons to be learned from these guys, Jim and Garth! 


Made it to Redfield where I found a city park on Redfield lake with facilities. Set up tent then stripped down to bike shorts and jumped in said lake for about an hour. Made a video I may post but better review, cause I’m sure I look like a scarecrow…skinny and sun baked. Over 90 degrees again. 

Per my phone Dairy Queen is half mile away so enough typing as I’m going for it! 

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