6-4 Janes Birthday Miss and More

First of all I beg my wife’s forgiveness (this isn’t the first time) for missing her birthday. Happy Bday to Jane. I miss you tremendously and want to thank you for allowing me to pursue this dream and every other wild dream, er, idea I have hatched over the years. Not to surprise you but I have hatched up a few more with all the time there is to think while biking. Also, somewhat selfishly, I know I’m missing your birthday dinner being prepared by Jdog. 

Jesse cooks Jane her birthday dinner

Jdog is really Jesse, our son. Yea, the one who walked across America from LA to Jacksonville. He has been coaching me on wild camping, siphoning phone power, and other lessons about life on the run/walk/bike. 

North Dakota!

I’m in Hazelton, North Dakota! Hope you didn’t miss the fact that I  crossed into the legendary state today and feeling somewhat proud! 

I have now travelled over 1,200 bike miles and more than half way to Glacier Park.  

I am at the city park in Hazelton, ND, and arrived just as the team of 2 city employees were opening the bathroom for the season. You may recall yesterday’s camp required me to bike 1.5 miles to the town and use the city buildings bathroom, as all was closed at campground.  

Also hot shower (it’s been 2 nights) after biking almost 160 miles in 2 days of heat.  


As I was riding into Hazelton from Linton, large black clouds gathered up and then moved my direction. I tried to outrun them at 16 mph and failed. 

I set up my tent just as a thunderstorm let loose but luckily got tent up before the worst of it. I showered, had dinner (Ramen noodles with beef jerky plus yogurt if you have to know) and then the sun popped out. Now it’s hot again. 

I use 1 SeatoSummitt bag to wash out my shorts and shirt in sink and hang them to dry for tomorrow. This is camp life! 

I started calling people, first my daughter Amber, then Pops, then my mom and no one answered. 

Crushed, depressed and bummed. Needed to talk to someone. 

Then phone rang from Amber, and we did a FaceTime chat that significantly changed my mood for the better. I got to see Caden (grandson) and chat with Andrew, who always brings wisdom and love in all interactions. So good to have family! 

Loneliness is a real issue on a trip like this. Add the nasty virus into the mix and in general strangers I meet are somewhat reluctant to get to close. It is really exceptional when someone asks me to their house like in Huron, SD, or approaches me to inquire about where I started and where I’m going. Thanks to those that do. 

You may of realized by now, if you are the 1 or 2 people that actually read my blogs, this is really not about bike touring but more about Ozzies musings.  

Well sometimes I bring up the biking stuff. 

Free Concert

Tomorrow is Bismarck! On the bike. See – some bike stuff. 

As I set up camp in Hazelton I started to hear music. It was loud but beautiful. I started to walk around the block and basically the town and found a father and daughter providing a free concert to 20 or 30 locals who sat in their car or in chairs to listen.  

I sat on the edge of their lawn and was approached by a lady who I learned later as the mother and wife to the performing duo. As we talked, Iearned her daughter was a gifted musician and was receiving contracts to write music for other performers. She also has several released songs as well. Her name is Nattie Jean and she sings with a band called Whiskey Creek. Her mom was so nice as she learned my story and what I was doing then she went inside and brought me a cold beer. 

Free beer and a free concert. What a great evening. Thanks! 

4 thoughts on “6-4 Janes Birthday Miss and More

  1. carol allen

    I guess I am one of the two, Mark! I love reading this. I clicked on the Nattie Jean link. Wow, is she talented. It must have been a great concert (and beer).

    • Jane VanOsdol

      I clicked ,too, Carol. She is good! That must have been a fun concert!

  2. Jeannine

    thanks for the updates, I appreciate the biking notes but also enjoy all the other thoughts and things you write about! I am currently recovering from surgery so can’t ride my bike for another week or so (better not be any longer than that!!). (friend/co-worker of Laura Hulce)

    • Jane VanOsdol

      Thanks for reading, Jeannine! I hope you have a quick recovery and are back on the bike soon! Holland has lots of beautiful places for rides.

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