6-5 No Go in this Turbo

I ride with some bikers that have big engines. I even nicknamed Dave T. the “Diesel.” My good friend Gary R. is also a Diesel engine as well. Big guys that can crank out big tourque when they want. Russ M. can bend crank arms when he wants, and he too often wants.  

I have a 2007 VW GTI. This is a turbo powered little sports car. I love to drive this car as its zips from 0 to 60 quite fast. But after that, it starts to lose out to the hemis and the real V8 engines. 

On a bike, Im a turbo. I can give the big boys hell for a short while but a hummingbird ain’t going to beat the Clydesdale for long.  

Today I just ran out of premium fuel. I rode from Hazelton to Bismarck along the 1804 Lewis and Clarke trail. After putting in 160 miles the previous 2 days and a bad night of sleep, I found today’s ride a struggle. 

No doubt the crazy climbs, some lasting 30 minutes at 12% grades contributed to my lethargy. Also, I have not taken a day off since Memorial Day either. Nutrition hasn’t been the best either. Lots of Ramen noodles and peanut butter. 

As I rode into Bismarck I saw the signs for General Sibley State park. I called another camp but they didn’t have restrooms open yet, so this made it easy. Stop and rest with the general! 

Only problem was that I was out of groceries. Only Jiffy left in pannier. No camp store either. Turns out it was an 8 mile ride to Dan’s Fresh market and back. I set up my tent to lighten the bike load and took off. I also left rain gear w tent — only for it to rain most of the trip to Dans. Good grief. 

Worth it, as I got ham steak dinner, yogurt, salad and fresh fruit. Restocked the panniers with instant oatmeal and a Coors beer for later.  

Meet Curtis

During the ride today, I met Curtis’s coming the opposite direction. First bike tourer I have met in the 1200 miles I have biked. But also first time I have been on the Transamerica trail or route to date. Curtis is riding from Idaho to Minneapolis and had not met another crazy bike touring person yet either. It was good to talk to him and hope he has safe and adventurous trip full of great memories. 



I have an issue that I have never encountered previously on any other bike trip…big fat angry swollen lower lip. Yep, my lip is a mess. 

Started couple days ago to swell and hurt. Like most issues, I start by ignoring it, then cursing it, then calling Jane crying for help. 

My lip hurt so bad last night I could feel or sense my heart beat. It kept me awake most of the night, which also attributed to my lackadaisical turbo engine performance.  

I think I have sun burned it badly. I’m worried it will get caught in the chain or might collect enough water that I might drown in a down pour. 

Any suggestions for healing, pls let me know. I’m  attacking this problem with an over abundance of solutions…chapstick first, Vaseline next, then add some Coppertone SPF 30 on top. And keep the turbo at low rpm so as not to increase the wind drag.  

Only positive? I can catch bugs with the best. 

Tomorrow is either a rest day per lower lip request, or head west along I-94 towards Glen Ullin.  

I believe I’m now on the same route Gary R. travelled several ago when he biked across the country. 

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