6-10 I Just Didn’t Like Today

I knew it would be a struggle. Maybe I mentally sabotaged today. Weather report said it would be a long day when showed 30mph winds from west. The distance to be biked from Medora to Glenview was 65 miles. Not much in between either as far as services or other places to stop. 

I also took yesterday off which should help, but I find it hard to get going again after a day off. 

Hatlee and Brae Coffee Shop

Yesterday started off kinda boring. I did go to the local coffee shop and hung out at Hatlee and Brae and met the owners. They were so kind and basically let me set up camp at a table where they brought me free refills.  

After a morning hike around Medora, I went back to camp and saw another cyclist pull in. I met Sharon B who just sold home and car to begin a world biking journey. Once Covid clears, she plans to head to Portugal and ride across Europe. She also plans to go to Korea and Vietnam as well. Sharon was a technical sales manager, so we shared biking stories and work stories as well.  


Also after being challenged by Sharon about some of the stuff I was carrying on my bike, I threw away an old pair of cycling shorts and several other items to reduce weight. Thanks for the coaching Sharon and pls share with me some of your adventures! 

Ok, back to today. I left campground around 7-45 and didn’t arrive in Glenview until 5 pm. Today had me a good ole fashion whipping. 

17-Mile Climb to Montana

Started with a 17-mile climb out of Medora and the Red River. Just kept going up. Wind kept blowing. My Garmin computer kept showing ridiculously slow speeds like 6 mph. It was also cold start with temps around 50 degrees, yet sweat poured off me although I wore cycling shorts and short. 

I did cross into Montana and took the pictures at the sign as I’m sure every cyclist does. 

Upon arriving at Glendive, I went to campground and found restrooms closed. Next camp was too far for ruined legs to travel, so went to dumpiest hotel and booked a room. I worried Montana may not be open yet, and this is going to make the next stretch really difficult as there are already very few services available due to remote and desolate road stretches. May need to return to wild camping. 

The Reality Is …

Here is the reality, today hurt and tomorrow doesn’t look any better as winds will continue, and I need to bike to at least Circle city. Hoping campgrounds are open when I get there. 

  • I’m beat…today stole too much energy. Hope I have what it will take tomorrow. 
  • I’m always hungry but have problems after eating, as I often feel sick.  
  • I have run out of chamois cream and expected to buy some at Medora bike shop, but as my luck is going, I discovered the shop was closed on Tuesdays. 
  • I have saddle sores that make it tough to sit and calloused backside that hurts. Shouldn’t I be past this issue in week 4? 
  • I texted my family some of my “issues”…I can pedal a bike all day but barely can walk. My lips are ruined and I keep dropping my cigs (just joking). I’m hungry but get sick. I smell bad cause I have now shipped home or thrown away all spare clothes.  
  • Last night I put on every single article of clothing as temps dropped below 40 and still froze.  
  • I dropped peanut butter from my spoon onto a rock and ate it. Would do it again too. 

Turning Feral

And I swear I had a conversation with a feral horse. Wild free horse in the high prairie. It challenged me to a race and SO kicked my butt. Callouses and all! Ran like the wind up the same hill and against the same wind. Maybe I can win the next one, since all I eat is oats. Oatmeal for breakfast, protein bars with oatmeal, granola made from oats. I camp in the wild. Use bathroom the prairie. I’m a feral person.  

My apologies for this post. Mental professional pls stand by… 

4 thoughts on “6-10 I Just Didn’t Like Today

  1. Laura

    You have magnificent intestinal fortitude Mark!
    Oh, BTW, I rode 10 whole miles this morning! Well, technically it was 9.78, but that’s what rounding up is for. Hope tomorrow is better. 🙂

  2. carol allen

    Next trip you need to start west and head east so maybe you won’t be against the wind the whole trip. If anyone can do it, it is you, Mark! Keep going and don’t let Sharon will make you look like a sissy girl!

  3. LOL until it hurts! (had surgery a week ago and it KILLS to laugh but could’t help myself – oh the peanut butter!) I so want my friends to read your blogs – they rode across the US a few years ago and their blogging entries rivaled yours as far as the humor goes!! Take a break and take care of yourself!!

  4. Mary

    I am glad you made a horsey friend! Praying God’s strength and perseverance! You can do all things through Christ!

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