6-7 New Salem to Dickinson, ND 81 miles

Such a relief to wake up to a sunny beautiful day with normalized wind levels. No longer the hell gales from yesterday’s weather but a more westerly wind ranging from 12 to 15 mph. Headwind but a reasonable breeze. Much better. 

Really just a nice day of riding. Terrain was small hills with several really long climbs as I approached Dickinson. The terrain knows to wait and strategically crank uP the incline and length when your legs are worn out and shot.  

Adventure Cycling N. Tier Route

I am now on the Adventure Cycling Northern Tier Route and following their maps. There is a choice early in the day’s ride whether to stay yon CR139 also called “the red trail” or old Hwy 10 which has 13 miles of gravel. Or the option is to get on I-94 where you have to dodge rumble strips every 20 ft on the shoulder. 

I choose the interstate as I had my share of bad gravel In Illinois and Iowa. I guess I’m not a gravel grinder with all the extra weight. It’s really tedious to stay upright and failure to do so often bears a penalty of a broken clavicle. 

I did kinda enjoy I-94 ride. It included a rest stop area. Sure gravel usually has infinite rest stops but never does it provide the same facilities like a bathroom instead of a tree. And try to find a tree around here…. 

I know you are now wondering…..what do you do when you have to go on the big prairie with no where to hide like a woods? 

Bathroom Strategy

I have developed several techniques  

  1. Stand on far side of a big red angus cow that will block others view. Check for bulls first or be prepared to run with your shorts down 
  2. Go down a ravine, a deep ravine until you realize it’s safe but you are standing in a small creek with wet shoes 
  3. Look back of you where you can see 5 miles down the road and front to make sure no one is coming and go for it. Don’t be in too big of rush that you miss farmer sitting on tractor in field.  
  4. Wait until next town but then again some towns don’t even have a coke machine.  
  5. Ride so hard that likely you will be dehydrated and now you don’t have a problem 

North Campground

When I arrived in Dickinson, I rode to the North Campground. Aptly named as it’s located so far north I was sure I was in Canada. The last 3-4 miles to get this camp was a killer on dead legs. 

Once there I quickly set up my tent, showered and did some laundry. As I was waiting on socks to dry (why do socks take the longest?), the camp host Cc Ae and found me.They asked me to move to a cabin as bad weather was moving in. When I looked outside, it was black and temps were plummeting. 

I quickly grabbed my clothes and stuff and threw it into the cabin as it started raining. 

I tore down my tent in record time and added it the to pile of disorganized clothes and things and settled into cabin life. 

I am thankful they provided this cabin as a regular thunderstorm started up, and the weather was looking ugly for rest of night. 

Looks like Mother Nature has it in for me as tomorrow they are expecting 30 mph winds from the west. I only have to bike 50 miles to Medora but it could take all day. 

That reminds me… 

  1. Know wind direction before you let loose! 

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  1. carol allen

    All I can add to your bathroom strategies is you’re lucky you’re not a girl 😉😏

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