6-14 Hell on Wheels

As I left Chinook and headed west towards Havre, MT, I immediately found a construction zone 1 mile west of town. 

I often seen hell depicted as fire and brimstone, but I now know better. It is a Montana construction zone. 

Start with 30 mph headwinds to make sure the rider is going to suffer. 

Then have a Flagger that refuses to provide a transport like they do in other states, because they once were sued because they scratched a bike. I requested a support vehicle to lead or follow or just give me a ride. No way. 

Road Construction for How Long?!

So I headed into hell. The road often became 1 lane and the flagger released traffic in both directions. The zone was 10 miles long with the lane covered with large rocks, loose dirt and gravel. 

Semi’s would pass me inches away and bury me in dust. When I would see traffic coming at me I would dive my bike into the sand bank to avoid them. I put a buff on like a mask, and it soon become brown with dust. At times I could not see or be seen due the cloud raised from wind and traffic. When the gravel became dirt, which became loose soil, I would unclip my pedals and push bike.  

I basically waited for traffic gaps and rode at these opportunities. 

I also started the morning at local gas station with some great Columbian coffee. Right Jorge…it’s the best! 

Of course I had to go to bathroom during the whole zone to add to the fun. I once pulled over behind a small dirt embankment thinking  was out of sight; a young lady pulls up in a tractor to shovel dirt.  

Once thru the zone and out the other side of hell, I stopped to rest. It hit me then…maybe nerves, maybe something I ate, but any ways I got sick and retched for 10 minutes on the side of the road. My apology to all drivers who witnessed this.  

I tried to get some of the pickup drivers going the same way to give me a lift, but they all looked away and sprayed me with gravel. I suppose the virus has made people more careful as they would not help. Maybe I look scary as hell…I have referred to myself as a feral dog of a person while on this ride. 

I didn’t make it far today. It took over 4 hours to get to Havre, and I still feel sick. I went to a cheap bedbug hotel and quit riding for the day. 

So far, Montana is giving me hell and sure has been difficult.  

I think in the future I will pick on smaller states like maybe Delaware or Vermont. And maybe a Harley to replace my Iron Steed.  

Good news – got some laundry done at hotel. It’s been like 2 weeks where I only hand wash my bike shorts each night. Still wonder why no one would give me a ride… 

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  1. Jeannine

    this one had me laughing out loud!

  2. but also thankful you were safe!

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