6-16 Havre Healing – Day off

After getting sick on my bike yesterday, dealing with construction zone hell, 2 days off in 5 weeks, it was time to take a day to recover. No riding today. Rest, plan, and recover. 

I stayed at the Siesta motel which is one of those places built in 1950, renovated never, and owner lives in one of the units. Yep – 60 bucks a night. But it was located one block from Albertson grocery store and next to Char’s breakfast place and Domino’s pizza as well. I could walk everywhere including the post office where I sent more stuff home. Mailed a water filter I never used, my tripod used 3 times, and a card to Jane. 

Speaking of Jane, I thought she should write today’s blog but discovered she is too busy having fun with 2 of her 3 sisters from Michigan visiting. So I have decided to write this blog from her perspective the best I can. 

What I Think Jane Would Write

So here is what I think she would have written had she not been having such a great time and therefore too busy…. 

Mark thinking for Jane: This has been an amazing bike ride but for different reasons than my strange husband might imagine. Yes, strange. Who purposefully puts themselves through an ordeal like a cross-country bike tour? Is something wrong with his DNA or genetics considering his brother did the same and my handsome son walked across the country with a backpack? Engineering student who liked Friday happy hours. No test invented to predict future craziness in my defense.

But, let’s be honest. It’s been, well, kinda nice. Don’t tell him I said so. He thinks I miss him every moment.  

Reality is I can finally make the yard the way I want. Don’t tell him but I have added several gardens which he would of hated on the single basis reason that it would take longer to mow and edge. He is all about efficiency and how to get stuff done fast. He even competes against himself to beat his last time mowing. Maybe he is kinda of competitive?  

It’s quieter too. No Brothers Osbourne singing “it ain’t my fault” or where is my jacket I left in the truck like the last time I couldn’t find it.  I know you moved it somewhere.

And my, oh my, he always wants pizza and beer every Friday night. How about mixing it up with a salad or sushi?  

The nights are sooo much more peaceful. First of all he isn’t in front of tv watching violent Netflix shows like Ozarks or Breaking Bad. I can watch Fox News and chick flicks without his scoffing and sarcastic comments.  

And maybe he can get this ridiculous biking thing out of his system….he is a bike fanatic. Don’t know why. Can’t he just ride down the Monon to Carmel and get ice cream. We tried this once. Just a nice ride down the trail. Enjoy the birds singing and take in the beauty of the evening. All went well until some look-a-like Lance went screaming by us and my husband was jumping on the pedals chasing. Sick is what he is.  

Goodness, he is calling right now. Oh dear, another hot ride in the rain? No way, there was wind again? How dare the weather to behave this way every day. What did you say…. You are lost? Do I miss you…of course! Yes I mowed the lawn (better get Jesse on this tomorrow). You miss your nice recliner and watching sports (maybe I shouldn’t of sold that chair to the college student).  

Well, be safe and ride hard. Get home before the snow flies and give me a week notice so I can try and unchange the cool changes I have made. 

What? Is 10 calls a day for help a problem? No, love to help my dear husband! 

Jane, pls add corrections and post. As you know I’m in a hurry cause I’m trying to get to Glacier faster than my friend Gary did and he did three 100 -mile days in a row, so  I’m way behind.  


Jane’s Actual Thoughts

So, this really is Jane speaking right now, and, wow, Hahaha! Mark knows me well and pegged me pretty accurately.. Here are some of my actual thoughts on the trip:

Honestly, it’s hard to explain this VanOsdol male cross-country biking and walking obsession to people. (Oh! I can’t forget cousin Ashley VanOsdol- she is also a crazy biker/hiker.) Amber and I have talked about this. Most don’t get it. Most says things like, “Amber, your brother/Dad did/are doing WHAT? AGAIN?!” or “Umm, Jane are you ok with this? Does he stay in hotels every night? What does wild camping/boondoggling mean?”

Amber and I both translate all the questions, weird expressions, and nervous laughter we get to what we think people are really thinking: “What is wrong with Amber/Jane that the ones who are supposed to love them the most are always leaving?

I laughed the hardest at Mark’s interpretation of my garden plans, because that was dead on. I seriously considered planting a few more gardens and fixing some things (front steps) I’ve been nagging, ahem, nicely suggesting that he fix for a few years. However, that lasted until about week 2 of him being gone when I suddenly became overwhelmed with all the mowing, trash-taking-outing, weeding, planting, cleaning, Coviding, tending our two beehives, caring for 4 chickens, not to mention, working my own job (freelance writer). I was exhausted.

It has been nice not hearing his oversized TV blaring out explosions and obvious violent confrontations every evening (it is no mystery to me as to why he has his aforementioned insomnia problem), as I am trying to ratchet down for the evening.

But truth be told, Mark, I love your quirky self – and will finally admit to a few quirks of my own.. which I discovered after living by myself. As much as I am a bit of an introvert, it gets lonely without your other quirky half, and I’m ready for you to come home. And, no, I haven’t moved, touched, or otherwise seen your jacket! I’m sure it blew off in one of those wind storms and is probably on the East Coast by now. Remember, next time ride West to East!!

Downtown Havre  

4 thoughts on “6-16 Havre Healing – Day off

  1. Laura


  2. Gary W Rapp

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post this morning. You writing today’s blog through the lens of Jane was priceless. Glad to hear you are taking a rest day. This is one journey you will never forget. If you need someone to talk to feel free to call me anytime. Cheers!

  3. carol allen

    “Jane”, for having a husband who likes efficiency, you’d think he would fly across the country rather than ride a bike!
    Mark, I think you should take the motor off the lawn tractor and put bike pedals on it instead, then you wouldn’t mind the mowing so much! Thanks for letting us open yet another year of Camp VanOsdol, although we only had one camper this year, and that was only because of Covid and we wanted D as far from Detroit/Ann Arbor epicenter as possible. Although he won’t admit it, I think he kind of like hanging with the aunties!

    • Jane VanOsdol

      The pedals on the tractor is a great idea — except for me. I wouldn’t get too far. Yes, we had shades of Camp VanOsdol last weekend, and that was so much fun! I hope D wasn’t too bored! I think I ate more treats last week than I did the whole previous 5 weeks. That Cake Bake “slice” of cake was crazy.

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