6-22 Going South – Headed to Yellowstone and Bro Pickup

Last night I told Jane during our nightly chat that she so looks forward to that I planned to stay in Whitefish another day. Just chill, visit bike shop, and eat ice cream.  

But I woke up at 5:45 am. Felt soooo good. Sun was out, and I heard a voice. Listen carefully and you may also hear this calling. Take a deep breath, look at rising sun, feel its warmth and let your imagination take you to a new destination. Yes, the road talked to me.  

Glacier Cyclery in Whitefish

I did go to Glacier Cyclery in Whitefish and waited outside the door until it opened. I wanted a new bike jersey that would be representative of this ride. I rarely buy jerseys cause I want them to be meaningful. I wear an Idaho jersey that I bought on my last trip in Sun Valley. I have a second one that my daughter gave me from Schafly brewery in St. Louis. I only have 2 pairs of bike shorts. At end of day I try to get a shower at camp and I wash out a set so I have one to wear and one to dry.  

This plan has a lot of faults. Sometimes I wild camp so no shower. Other times it rains so no way to get clothes dry. Or I lay them out then it pours that night.  

Such Filth

So, I wear the same pair twice or thrice. I know some of you just threw up a little bit. You can’t imagine such filth.  

At the start of the ride, I did laundry every 2-3 days. Now I go weeks. I only have 1 pair of leggings that I ride in when it’s cold and also sleep in them as well. 1 tee shirt, 1 bike jacket and 1 camp jacket or puffy jacket. Also a rain jacket. 

I quit wearing bike gloves on like day 5. Just a pain and hassle so I don’t need them. I do get a clean buff almost every day as this is most useful item.  

A buff can serve as a hat when cold. Sweat collector when hot. Napkin when eating at side of road. I have dipped into the creek and placed around neck as air conditioner. Hot pad when grabbing the pan that is white hot. I may not be buff but I’m all about the Buff! 

Really, Mother Nature?

Anyway, I rode 50 miles due south for the first time in 2300 miles. Guess what? The wind was out of the south today and will be tomorrow as well. Mother Nature has me covered. 

Incredible ride all the same. Went thru Whitefish into Kalispell and even found a Walmart. Bought some provisions and rode on. Somers was next and then headed east across northern end of Flathead reservoir. Mountains on 1 side with snow peaks and large lake on other made for an incredible cycle time. Stopped at Outback RV near Woods Bay and camped under the Mission Mountains. 

End of the Road

My brother Steve has left is home in Decatur, MI, and is driving and pulling his camper towards Yellowstone today. The goal is to meet on the road near Yellowstone and visit the park.  

I will then ride home with Steve. My journey is nearing the end. This is one of the reasons I heard the road calling. I’m ready to get no,e and enjoy some of the summer and really am lonely at times. Need to go home now.  

Worried Covid could cause some states to close up again and biking in this Covid environment has been a challenge. I have probably pushed my luck on this journey, so will heed the other voices I hear calling like my wife, son, and daughter. They don’t whisper like the road does. They have clearly said it’s time to get back. 

Fret not as I will still blog until I get home. I’m thinking Steve will provide me with some fresh material for sure. 

So I will ride while I can. 

Soak up more. I currently have 3 clean buffs so why not? 

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