5-24 Beeds Park to Humboldt

Left early around 7:30 am packing up tent and stuff. Decided to make some hot oatmeal w backpacking stove, but disaster struck when I unscrewed the fuel canister and the can didn’t self seal. In approx 10 seconds I lost all the contents and threw the darn thing like a bomb as it spewed gas. […]

5-18 Mighty Miss

I’m typing this or trying to while laying in my 1-man/person tent. Kinda cramped quarters as I have clothes hanging everywhere in attempt to dry them out. BTW even water proof socks fail when riding for 7 hours in rain.

Forest Fires

With many apologies, I just realized that we never posted this video on our website. We recorded it on our Facebook page, but I realize that not all of you have Facebook and somehow in the chaos of the trip home, we never posted this!

Yellowstone Adventures, Part 1

Sorry, it has taken so long to post about Yellowstone. It’s just overwhelming trying to pare down what to share because there is SO much beauty. I’ll start with a recap of our phase 2 trip which was from June 6 to July 11, 2017. In all honesty, phase 2 (Indiana to Wyoming) was a […]


“Jane!” Mark said. “Go back up the hill!” We had been goofing around down at the Shoshoni River’s edge in Rex Hale Campground in Wyoming just outside of Yellowstone. Mark was perched crazily on a big rock, and I was just getting ready to snap his picture when he yelled to me.

Wind River Canyon, Wyoming

Wyoming is a contrast of stark and lush beauty. The starkness comes from arid, wide open ranches that stretch as far as the eye can see. Dry, sometimes parched land just begging for a good rainstorm where posted warning signs say “Fire risk: High.” Then all of the sudden you make a sweeping turn and […]