6-26 and 27 No bike, all hike

When my kids were young, we went on a vacation with my brother Steve and his wife Hana in N. Carolina near the Smokey Mountain park. Steve announced to all of us that he found a “moderate” hike suitable for all including the 4 kids ranging from 6 to 12 years of age. 

6-25 250 Miles and Didn’t Pedal an Inch!

Thanks to Steve, I just arrived one mile from Yellowstone in Gardiner MT. My brother arrived in Missoula around 10 am at the Red Lion hotel where I was staying.. Man was I excited. It was so great to see him. After 6 weeks and somewhere around 2800 biked miles, my ride home had arrived. 

6-20 Avalanche Sat. & Relax w/ a Bike Ride

What would you do with a day off and your camp is one mile from the entrance to Glacier National Park next to the Rockies? I know, that’s what I did as well. Go for a bike ride!  Not just any bike ride but the most epic experience for that moment. Not many get the […]

6-17 Havre to Chester 71 miles

After a day off, I launched west on the last push to Glacier. Glad I left early, as the wind and rain increased through the day. The first 30 miles went at a normal pace. I stopped at a small bar/restaurant in Rudyard where the owner treated me great and set me up with some […]

6-16 Havre Healing – Day off

After getting sick on my bike yesterday, dealing with construction zone hell, 2 days off in 5 weeks, it was time to take a day to recover. No riding today. Rest, plan, and recover.  I stayed at the Siesta motel which is one of those places built in 1950, renovated never, and owner lives in […]

6-14 Hell on Wheels

As I left Chinook and headed west towards Havre, MT, I immediately found a construction zone 1 mile west of town.  I often seen hell depicted as fire and brimstone, but I now know better. It is a Montana construction zone.