6-10 I Just Didn’t Like Today

I knew it would be a struggle. Maybe I mentally sabotaged today. Weather report said it would be a long day when showed 30mph winds from west. The distance to be biked from Medora to Glenview was 65 miles. Not much in between either as far as services or other places to stop. 

I also took yesterday off which should help, but I find it hard to get going again after a day off. 

6-6 Today the Wind Wins

When I woke up today in General Sibley State Park, it was very cloudy with some wind. I checked my phone, and it looked like rain was headed my way. 

So I quickly tore down my tent during a light sprinkle and loaded my bike. 

6-5 No Go in this Turbo

I ride with some bikers that have big engines. I even nicknamed Dave T. the “Diesel.” My good friend Gary R. is also a Diesel engine as well. Big guys that can crank out big tourque when they want. Russ M. can bend crank arms when he wants, and he too often wants.  

6-4 Janes Birthday Miss and More

First of all I beg my wife’s forgiveness (this isn’t the first time) for missing her birthday. Happy Bday to Jane. I miss you tremendously and want to thank you for allowing me to pursue this dream and every other wild dream, er, idea I have hatched over the years. Not to surprise you but I have hatched up a few more with all the time there is to think while biking. Also, somewhat selfishly, I know I’m missing your birthday dinner being prepared by Jdog. 

6-3 Aberdeen to Eureka

Rode 81 miles across the great prairie. Rolling hills covered in waving grass. Huge beeves or red angus cows that have huge shoulders and a frame built to carry lots of weight. No spindly-legged dotted milk cows. No sir. 

When I woke up this morning, I didn’t think I could ride an inch. Yesterday put some serious hurt on this ol boy with 60 miles into a strong wind.  

6-2 Agonizing Slow Crawl to Aberdeen

I don’t have a lot to say about today’s ride. Certainly it was humbling. Only the night before I told my dad during our talk that Aberdeen was only 50 to 55 miles away and made for a short ride. But if I didn’t stop in Aberdeen, I would need a 90-mile day to get to next town w camping or hotels. I told Pops that I would decide once I got there – whether to continue or rest. 

6-1 Huron to Redfield

Tailwind was gone but only a light head wind, so no big deal. I started day back at same gas station as yesterday to charge my phone. Then I headed out feeling pretty good about the day as I had my tent poles, and stomach was good to go as well. 

Eleven miles north of Huron while descending a nice hill where the road bridges 2 majestic blue lakes covered with ducks and geese, I noticed the bike handling odd.