6-16 Havre Healing – Day off

After getting sick on my bike yesterday, dealing with construction zone hell, 2 days off in 5 weeks, it was time to take a day to recover. No riding today. Rest, plan, and recover. 

I stayed at the Siesta motel which is one of those places built in 1950, renovated never, and owner lives in one of the units. Yep – 60 bucks a night. But it was located one block from Albertson grocery store and next to Char’s breakfast place and Domino’s pizza as well. I could walk everywhere including the post office where I sent more stuff home. Mailed a water filter I never used, my tripod used 3 times, and a card to Jane. 

Speaking of Jane, I thought she should write today’s blog but discovered she is too busy having fun with 2 of her 3 sisters from Michigan visiting. So I have decided to write this blog from her perspective the best I can. 

5-23, Sat 7 miles, yep 7

I decided to rest today at Beeds Park. It rained most of night and really let loose this morning with thunder to accompany. I laid in my spacious tent nested in my Nemo bag waiting for it to quit.  

When it slowed to a drizzle I put on rain gear and made oatmeal breakfast. When it came time to heat water for some instant Folgers coffee, my lighter wouldn’t work. I have a pack of waterproof matches for just this occasion but learned they are like waterproof socks. Good for only so long – then wet and worthless.