So How Do You Get Ready for a Cross-Country Bike Trip?

That is a great question…

First, like playing poker, you have to be all in. Quit your job.

I know, scary! In all honesty I did quit my job but only after spending approximately two years preparing. Preparing means saving, and to this end we accumulated savings in cash sufficient to cover one year with no income plus another 25 to 35 percent emergency funds for the unplanned events in life like basement floods (yes this did happen and will be title of subsequent blog “Headwinds”).

Role Reversal: When the Kids Become the Parents

The happy couple, Paige and Mike

Two days before Mark and I left on our trip, we were in Michigan for a family wedding. Our niece was married on a sunny but teeth-chattering cold day. We were lucky because both Amber and Jesse were able to attend (although our son-in-law Andrew could not), and we all did the 5-hour drive together.

That’s bonus time, because it almost never happens anymore. We had 10 hours of drive time over the course of that weekend to chat and laugh and chill with our kids.