6-14 Hell on Wheels

As I left Chinook and headed west towards Havre, MT, I immediately found a construction zone 1 mile west of town.  I often seen hell depicted as fire and brimstone, but I now know better. It is a Montana construction zone. 

6-12 Crashed It Then Smashed It

I left Circle, MT, with the intent to ride 55 miles to Wolf Point. I was excited about Wolf Point as it appeared to be a bigger town and might be a good place to hang out for a night.  The ride from Circle to  WP is on Hwy 13 going straight north. The wind […]

6-10 I Just Didn’t Like Today

I knew it would be a struggle. Maybe I mentally sabotaged today. Weather report said it would be a long day when showed 30mph winds from west. The distance to be biked from Medora to Glenview was 65 miles. Not much in between either as far as services or other places to stop.  I also […]